Alice Rahon, Impressions

Presented at the Museo Kaluz in Mexico City from December 8, 2023, to April 8, 2024

Alice Rahon, Impressions

The exhibition "Alice Rahon, Impressions" is presented at the Kaluz Museum in Mexico City from December 8, 2023, to April 8, 2024.

In recent years, attention and interest in the work of Alice Rahon have grown exponentially in Mexico and worldwide. This review of 78 pieces aims to contribute to the research of her work and provide a new interpretation of the development of non-figurative painting in Mexico, highlighting dialogues and possible influences with other artists of the time.

The exhibition was curated by Daniel Garza Usabiaga. Within Alice Rahon's extensive and diverse production, he pays special attention to her representations of the natural world, particularly in her landscapes.

The French-born poet and painter, Alice Rahon, established herself in Mexico in 1939, where she initiated and developed her entire artistic production. Since the late thirties, the artist favored a style of painting that moved away from the strict figuration prevalent in Mexican art at that time. Her work was characterized by suggestive representations, with great attention to color and materiality.

The originality of her work did not go unnoticed within the local cultural context, and she was recognized as the first abstract painter in Mexico. However, she never identified her work with this term and always explicitly expressed her adherence to surrealism. Faced with the characterization of her paintings as "abstractions," Rahon preferred the term "impressions."