Ricardo Martinez de Hoyos

Mexico City, 1918 - Mexico City, 2009

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By the mid-twentieth century in Mexico an intellectual atmosphere that profoundly challenged the tenets of nationalist art breathed. As young artists, members of the Generation Break, exploring the ways of an abstract and modern aesthetic, Ricardo Martínez assumed his pictorial outside the artistic currents vocation, institutions and schools.

Located at a crossroads between tradition and innovation, his work reminds us, for example, the Olmec monumental sculpture of our ancestors. However, transcends any specific historical reference to introduce us in a self-contained world that flies over the artistic problem of being, at the same time, Mexican and world citizen.

The pictorial world of Ricardo Martinez, made ​​of light, shadows, time and space, expresses a preference for the representation of the human body. He found that the simplest and most effective to provoke intense emotion awakens us get in front of a work, is to do so by reducing the elementary physical traits of our species.

An art that invites reflection. And, once deprived of narrative decorative elements, or accessories, the seated figures by master Ricardo Martinez throw us questions about the origin of a being that calls itself human, the sense of history, love relationships, life and death . Huge corporeality envelop us in a peaceful atmosphere and the inner surface of its skin lies the memory of a past that becomes soil, line and light spilling across the painting .

On multiple occasions, Ricardo Martinez referred to the importance of reality and the pre-Hispanic past in his paintings, always from the perspective that suggest it is more interesting to represent, allude rather than directly offer it. In a recent conversation, that somehow summarizes previous comments, Ricardo Martinez said: "In this space reassembled (on the painting) I try to give my view of reality, metaphoric image, while poetic and harmonic model reality" . (By: Miguel Angel Muñoz, in "Atmospheres, Ricardo Martinez," 2007)

It is precisely this unity required between drawing and painting, described succinctly by Ricardo Martinez as the construction of the painting, which comparatively determines the rhythm of poetry, time and composition of the painting in space, which finds and notes the viewer in the works of this painter. (By: Miguel Angel Muñoz, in "Atmospheres, Ricardo Martinez," 2007)



Ricardo Martinez Main Solo Exhibitions


1948 "Ricardo Martínez", Fine Arts Center, Colorado Spring

1959 The Contemporaries Gallery, New York.

1960 The Contemporaries Gallery, New York.

1961 "Ricardo Martínez, an Exhibition of Recent Paintings", The Contemporaries Gallery, New York.

1963 Bienal de Sao Paulo, Brazil.

1966 "Ricardo Martinez. Recent Paintings", Phoenix Art Museum, Phoenix.

1966 "Ricardo Martínez, Pinturas Recientes", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

1969 "Pintura de Ricardo Martínez", Museo de Arte Moderno, INBA, Mexico City

1974 "Ricardo Martínez. 40 pinturas. Expansión Rítmica de los Volúmenes", Museo de Arte Moderno, INBA, Mexico City

1976 "Ricardo Martínez", The Sindin Gallery, New York.

1984 "Ricardo Martínez, Obra Reciente, 1975-1984", Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

1994 "Ricardo Martínez, Exposición Antológica", Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

2011 "Ricardo Martínez", Museo de la Ciudad de México, Mexico City