Rafael Vallejo

Mexico City, 1959 -

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The first impression you get to view the paintings of Rafael Vallejo, is an invitation to the world of fantasy and imagination, but also an invitation to participate in a state of grace that only children and true artists know. Having dabbled for a while in the development of naif paintings, full of variegated parochial and crowd scenes, we now feel that Rafael, by creating a place to which we shall call "Raphaelite" (for lack of a better title), he has transferred that ability to make us dream into a space that is a tributary of certain "surrealist" influences, but which are present humor and -of course- also everyday life. If the world every day could be like this, surely it would be more "real" living his fantasy. (Source: "Rafael Vallejo" by Glen Gallardo)


Main exhibitions


1993 Sala Casa Cantabria, Madrid, Spain

1993 Bern Gallery, Bern Switzerland

1994 Galerias Costa, Mallorca, Spain

2001 Recoleta Gorda Art Gallery, Mexico City

2003 Sardo Gallery