Mexico City, 1947 -

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Excerpts about Pablo Weisz Carrington

Pablo Weisz Carrington creates scenes that arise from the unconscious, his paintings tells stories as if writing with a brush. I pause at the pictures. Houses with winged horses in the midst of open fields. Solitary trees under red suns, or circular shapes representing the moon. A wolf walking at night. A cylindrical tower in front of a Greco-Roman head where birds emerge. Horses entering a barn are turned into winged horses, flying toward the sun. Desert compositions that make us think about infinite.

The interiors of his rooms have floors like chessboards upon which move parts of life. Here today, gone tomorrow. Whenever at a door or in the background, a window through which you look at the barren landscapes constantly repeated. Heaven and earth together, keep the knowledge to guide men to other horizons and give birth to the world. Landscapes not found anywhere else, only in the imaginary universe of Paul Weisz. Among his paintings things happen. A magician pulls birds out of a vase, a woman purifies her body in a circular tub. Standing children watch mesmerized at a puppet theater. A human sized falcon, looks through a window. Paul’s figures and animals are painted in broad areas of color, they are naive and we go back to the world of storytelling. (Source: By Sofia G. Bugali in Pablo Weisz Carrington, “Between Heaven and the Infinite Suns”, October 2010)

You witness a crow or a man on horseback or foot, a woman usually facing away, a man’s hat and coat that reach the floor. A female figure, elongated hands, also shoulders. Necromancers, Wizards, Alchemists. The world of Weisz talks about evolution, the evolution of souls. His characters are transformed, go to another state of mind, crossing gates, going through windows, flying into the mind. In Celtic mythology, birds and crows generally represent prophetic wisdom. In the Kabbalah, magic, alchemy and the language of the birds are considered secret and key voices leading to a perfect gnosis. In mythology, medieval literature and occultism, the language of birds is considered mystical, used by birds for dialogue with the initiates. Did Paul Weisz express interest in the communication between beings that populate the universe? (Source: By Sofia G. Bugali in Pablo Weisz Carrington, “Between Heaven and the Infinite Suns”, October 2010)

René Magritte is one of the most influential painters in the work of Weisz, as well as the many books offered by his father, Rimbaud, Baudelaire, Mallarmé, and by his mother: Huxley, Shakespeare and the Marvelous Mirror of Pierre Mabille. Kabbalah and the Bible where it all happens have been all books that have filled the inner world of Pablo Weisz Carrington. (Source: By Sofia G. Bugali in Pablo Weisz Carrington, “Between Heaven and the Infinite Suns”, October 2010)


Main Solo Exhibitions


1968 "Drawings by Pablo Weisz Carrington", Galeria Juan de Dios Moreno, Mexico City

1968 "Drawings and watercolors by Pablo Weisz Carrington", Israeli-Mexican Cultural Institute, Mexico City

1972 "Drawings by Pablo Weisz Carrington", Latin American Theater Institute, organized by Ms. Joanne Potlitzer, New York

1982 "150 Drawings by Pablo Weisz Carrington " which was the opening exhibit of the Centenary College Cultural Center in Shreveport, Louisiana

1989 "20 Drawings by Pablo Weisz Carrington", Venzor Gallery, Chicago

1996 "170 Drawings and watercolors", Galeria Harlequin, Mexico City

1996 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Brewster Arts Gallery, New York

1997 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Galeria de Arte Mexicano, Mexico City

1997 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Brewster Arts Gallery, New York

1997 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Main Art Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

1998 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Museo de Aguascalientes, Aguascalientes, Mexico

1998 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Galeria Emma Molina, Monterrey, Mexico

1999 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Brewster Arts Gallery, New York

2000 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Museo de la Ciudad, Mexico City

2003 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Latin American Art Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2004 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Anarte Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

2007 "Pablo Weisz Carrington, Pintura", Galeria El Estudio, Mexico City

2008 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Gevataim Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel

2010 "Cuentos pictóricos de Pablo Weisz Carrington, Pintura y Escultura", Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, Mexico City

2010 "Ventana hacia el Interior, Pablo Weisz Carrington", Museo Jose Luis Cuevas , Mexico City

2011 Collaborative with Leonora Carrington, Museo Camara de Diputados, Mexico City

2013 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Museo Del Estado de Tlaxcala, Mexico

2013 "Pablo Weisz Carrington", Universidad Metropolitana, Mexico City