Luis Nishizawa

Mexico State, 1918 - Mexico City, 2014

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Excerpts about Luis Nishizawa

In the landscape of Luis Nishizawa the aesthetic ideal of gather reality and fantasy in a harmonious whole becomes reality. Neither is so attached to the reality that prevents the artist's prodigious faculty of imagination neither let it go so fantasy to forget the existence of a palpable and inescapable reality.

Considering, perhaps, the strict reality is often too "ground" and not conducive to the great adventures of creation, and that unrestrained imagination can lead the art to those domains of the space where it becomes impossible to breathe, Luis Nishizawa, as artists did yesterday in Anahuac and old China, harmonized, in the limited area of the picture, the two "extreme" common man walk always as separate and that the artist is always so together.

... when steeped in poetry, far from being arbitrary, is conducted with the rigor of a master who rules his language, which is why all of him looks balanced and harmonious. Men of our time, not introduced to the domestic landscape mode which only see nature through the window of his house. Drawing the lesson of Dr. Atl, who taught landscape view mode of our time, from an airplane, Luis Nishizawa showed the great mountains of Mexico from the clouds, beyond, from a point in space where only comes with thought and imagination. (Source: By Antonio Rodriguez, Politics Magazine, January 15, 1961, cited by Raquel Tibol in "Luis Nishizawa, Realism, Expressionism, Abstraction", 1984)


Luis Nishizawa Main Solo Exhibitions


1951 "Luis Nishizawa, Pintura y dibujo", Salón de la Plástica Mexicana, Mexico City

1960  "Luis Nishizawa", Ruthermore Galleries, San Francisco, California

1963  "Luis Nishizawa, Taku-Hon",Museum of Modern Art, Tokio

1964 "Luis Nishizawa, Taku-Hon", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

1972  "Luis Nishizawa: Las vacas flacas, los sueños rotos, recuerdos y presencias", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City