Leonora Carrington

Clayton Green, Lancashire, England, 1917 - Mexico City, 2011

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Excerpts about Leonora Carrington

The complexity and richness of the works of Leonora Carrington lies not only in the multiplicity of elements that have shaped her imagination, but also in the dimension from which it arises. Her images are formed on the threshold of the worlds associated with the stories, dreams, night life, dreaming, art, poetry, myths and religions.

Leonora Carrington has studied over the years all the secret teachings and ways of knowing that reveal deeper realities about the nature of human beings, animals, the cosmos, the soul and the mind has ventured into the study of Celtic myths , alchemy, Kabbalah, hermeticism, Tibetan Buddhism, Jungian psychology and the Egyptian Gnosticism. However, rather than determining influences, these currents have meaning matches with her visions and deepest intuitions.

The disciplines studied by the artist are the ways that lead to one site, but not the site itself, so to Carrington there are no absolute truths but pathways to other kinds of knowledge that shine the true meaning of life. Her images are not the representation of theories but where the visual and intellectual synthesis of these matches were epic and it is here where the place of enchantment is generated. She has been her own laboratory of knowledge, and their images the alchemical caldron where she has cooked multiple encounters. Alchemy occurs in her works, is made in the image, has its own signs of art, through her the invisible becomes manifest. (Source: By Rita Alazraki in "Leonora Carrington: The vocation and reflexes", Museo de la Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público)

Leonora Carrington's work addresses a complex and rich universe whose meaning is inexhaustible. Her images, related to dreams, visions and poetry, are versatile. The items shown in them do not respond to unique logic of rational thought.

Her paintings are populated with strange characters, mythical beasts, plants and animals; hybrid human, animal and plant, animal on human attitudes or situations, and human that behave like beasts. These creatures move in natural and supernatural or undertake mythical, physical and psychological trips.

Extraordinary situations occur in everyday places and areas and all elements coexist in unlikely spaces under the terms of the laws of physics, suspended in time while simultaneously and thereafter, in line compositions without land where anything can happen.

The artist makes emerge presences on paper, fabric or metal; reveals the soul of beings and things, like his secret geometry. Through drawing materializes immaterial; discovers the face and eyes, the intangible and invisible inhabiting the face, animates and gives life to it. Bodies and shadows roam the works, each has its own, separate reality, however, participates in the same field.

In recent decades, Leonora Carrington has worked the figure of the old wise woman in various aspects, poking itself to unravel one of the least explored aspects of the goddess. From the art practice the same spells that wise old women, able to summon the absent and bring it visible.(Source: By Rita Alazraki in "Leonora Carrington: The vocation and reflexes", Museo de la Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público)

Talk about Leonora Carrington is talk about magic, mystery, mysticism, transcendence and madness.

Under this conception of madness is that we can understand the human being as a mystery and as custodian of the initiatory experience that completely transcends the ordinary conditions of life. We appreciate in Leonora Carrington a fullness being that can not do anything but turn every aspect of her daily live into something tight experienced as transcendence of the ordinary constraints of the human. Thus, the work of Carrington obviously enjoys of these elements woven into a magical symbolic speech that formwork and pricks the conscience (and the unconscious) viewer, whispering suggestive invitation to be in fullness, this is, to freak a little, at least enough so that you can discover in life, in your own life, magic and encryption, spirituality and transcendence. (Source: By Alejandro Olarte in "Leonora Carrington: The vocation and reflexes", Museo de la Secretaria de Hacienda y Crédito Público)


Main Solo Exhibitions


1948 "Leonora Carrington", Pierre Matisse Gallery, Paris

1960 "Leonora Carrington", Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City

1976 "Leonora Carrington", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

1978 "Leonora Carrington", Brewster Gallery, New York

1989 "Leonora Carrington", Museo Nacional de la Estampa, Mexico City

1991 "Leonora Carrington", Serpentine Gallery, London

1994 "Retrospectiva Antológica de Leonora Carrington", Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey

1995 "Leonora Carrington: Una retrospectiva", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

1997 "Leonora Carrington: a retrospective in Japan", The Tokio Station Gallery, Tokio

1997 "Leonora Carrington: a retrospective in Japan", Daimaru Museum, Umeda-Osaka, Japan

1997 "Leonora Carrington: a retrospective in Japan", Mie Prefectural Art Museum, Mie, Japan