Jose Samano

Mexico City, 1942 -

Available Works

About Jose Samano

Jose Samano has painted landscapes and still lifes for almost 60 years. He studied at Escuela Nacional de Artes Plasticas in Mexico City, formerly called Real Academia de San Carlos, where he learned from Luis Nishizawa and other renowned masters.

His landscapes in the style of Jose Maria Velasco show panoramic scenes where winding roads, mountains, rivers, towns, and churches converge and harmonize with beautiful blue skies, full of clouds and sun rays. The details in his works are so abundant. When you admire his works you can travel and see the vegetation, the foliage, the river’s movement and transparency, and the life of people in those places.

Women washing in the river, pilgrimages along the roads, horsemen, animals drinking water from a stream, kids running around, people playing musical instruments, are scenes that appear in most of its landscapes and give them a special warmth.

Jose Samano is a successor of the work done in Mexico during the nineteenth century by Jose Maria Velasco and some artists that travel to Mexico in that time, as August Lohr and Conrad Wise Chapman. He absorbed their thoughts on panoramic landscape and depiction of everyday life, and uses them with a more modern and vivid palette of color, corresponding to the twentieth century painting.  

Jose Samano is considered one of the greatest living landscape artists of Mexico.