Ixrael Montes

Jamiltepec, Oaxaca, 1971 -

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I lived my childhood in the carnival unique vegetation of the Costa Chica, between cows, herons, iguanas and dogs, among the heady songs of rooks nests in palm trees, between those endearing provincial friends who later began to migrate to different places to make their projects looking like me.

In my painting there are origins of African art, because it is influenced by the masks used in the carnival of the Costa Chica of Oaxaca and the immense cosmology featuring textiles in our country.

My subject alludes to these everyday scenes that usually go unnoticed by most people, managed tinged somewhat ironic to play the role of the characters and elements that I use in my paintings, also constantly turn to images of animals and landscapes that I keep in my memory of my childhood.

At this time my work has constantly evolved, which has been good, then, it has grown from figurative to abstract and magical lately to a fusion of the two genres. (By Ixrael Montes)

They say there is no artwork that seeks to heal a wound, that does not express the desire to compose a mismatch in the landscape we perceive, or ambition to continue the WORK that the "MAKER", wise and generous, left unfinished on purpose, inviting us to delve into the dream, and playing with paintbrush and palette creator, even that is an instant. And the only condition to enter the race is to believe, to believe in the dream, believe in the possibility of connecting the living sparks between the warm ashes of our history, with the fires of ancestors who still await the return of their children, believe in the rays of light flashing through the centuries; believe in memory that unites us, and grackles and frogs of our shores singing with husky voice our dreams; in order to believe in the small Africas surviving in our state and country, and in many corners of America and the world.

Masks that people become ,
People who climb crocodiles
Crocodiles hidden graves
Tombs become drums ,
Broad belly drums
Regime to step barefoot.
Pains ending at parties
Parties of thousand colors.
Zanate colors, dove
Carnival that confuses EVERYTHING. (Remembranza para el maestro Ixrael Montes By PADRE: GLYN)


Main Solo Exhibitions


1996 "Caracteres incubando", Centro Cultural Ricardo Flores Magón, Oaxaca, Mexico

1997 "Arte joven", Galeria Tonali, Secretaria de Desarrollo Social, Mexico City

2000 "Zoologia de Montes", Galeria Ruiz Rojo, Guadalajara, Jalisco

2004 "Camino a Macondo", Galeria Indigo, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato

2005 "Kabala", Galeria Gradiva, Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

2011 "Paisajes costeños", Galeria Noel Cayetano, Oaxaca, Oaxaca

2011 "Sonidos de lo cotidiano", Museo Universitario Casa de los Muñecos, Puebla, Puebla

2012 "Montes en la vista", Club de Golf, Puebla, Puebla

2013 "Subjetividad de origen", Centro Cultural de la UABJO, Oaxaca, Oaxaca