Carlos Vivar

Mexico City, 1964 -

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His canvases reflect a very strange combination of passion and sweetness, fiction and symbolism, happiness and metaphor. His artwork is like light beams and color with a mixture of soil and sand melt in a texture full of emotions.

It is virtually impossible to stare at his canvases and not shiver; as the fusion of light, harmony and figurative style provoke mild palpitations. They are original pieces of art since by reading their titles reflect a playful attitude of the author, whom with acute strokes explores his paintbrushes with joyfulness overwhelmed with color.

His creations are irresponsibly mature and with a deep taste of enjoyment.

Carlos Vivar is different, self taught, figurative and with a mixed technique that captives, transcends the conventional to turn it into a canvas full of life and myth. (Source: By Miguel Angel Gonzalez Callado in "Carlos Vivar, El pintor mexicano")

maestro, a man, a friend of inborn creativity, creative personality and subtle humbleness. Wizard painter, (a grown up child) that because of his very personal way of painting he makes us appreciate that he even paints passion in color. Olé for his technique, olé to the art that has made him big to look at and admire. Thanks for your work maestro Vivar. (Source: By Eulalio Lopez, El Zotoluco in "Carlos Vivar, El pintor mexicano")


Main Solo Exhibitions


1994 "Carlos Vivar", Tonalli Gallery, Mexico City

1994 "Carlos Vivar", Casa de la cultura, Tehuacan, Puebla

2000 "Carlos Vivar", Casa de la cultura, Naucalli, Mexico

2004 "Carlos Vivar", Agora Gallery, New York

2004 "Carlos Vivar", Aura Galerias, Mexico City

2005 "Carlos Vivar", Aura Galerias, Mexico City

2007 "Carlos Vivar", Museo Casa de la Bola, Mexico City

2008 "Carlos Vivar", BBVA Bancomer, Mexico City

2010 "Carlos Vivar", Embassy of Mexico, Stockholm Sweden

2011 "Carlos Vivar", Aura Galerias, Mexico City

2013 "Carlos Vivar", Bolsa Mexicana de Valores, Mexico City

2013 "Carlos Vivar", Agora Galeria, Estado de Mexico

2013 "Carlos Vivar", Waldorf Astoria Hotel, New York

2014 "Carlos Vivar: Los colores de la vida", Guangzhou Library’s Multicultural Library, Guangzhou, China

2014 "Carlos Vivar: Los colores de la vida", 21 Space Art Museum, Dongguan City, Guangdong, China

2014 "Carlos Vivar, México Contemporáneo", Sala Nacional de Exposiciones Salarrué, San Salvador, El Salvador