Carlos Oviedo

Puebla, 1970 -

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While his grid-based paintings are inspired by Piet Mondrian’s 1930s geometric Compositions, his work most certainly harkens back to Pop Art, with its bold colors, graphic lines and imagery reminiscent of Warhol. Due to the core graphic properties of each piece the result is incredibly eye-catching. Exploring the limits of realistic representation, Oviedo’s 361° series is an artistic discourse on the irony of the processed image in a world of duplication, retouching and photoshop; and in a North American Art Market saturated with Warholian prints. Yet Oviedo’s technique also brings an interesting and important twist: the introduction of a most noble and notoriously difficult medium: Oil Painting. He uses Old Master Ingres’ “Grisaille” technique (oil painting in shades of grey) in order to achieve a high degree of Realism, recalling the look of vintage Sepia photography. A return to a classic technique pushed to the highest degree of perfection, Oviedo’s paintings are delicate masterful originals.(Source: “Oil Paintings with a Graphic Touch: Carlos Oviedo’s Icons” by Coralie Claeysen-Gleyzon, La Palme, July 2014). Read whole article

The painting of Carlos Oviedo is an artifice, a set of knowledge that manipulated, as he does, create a look, a look that invites us to dream, to forget the natural, to embark in search of the mysteries that only imagination creates and solve the mysteries of these p aintings that some believed were photographs. (Source: By Xavier Moyssén, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico)


Main Solo Exhibitions and Art Fairs


2007 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2008 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2009 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2010 Instituto Municipal de Arte y Cultura de Puebla, Mexico

2010 Arteamericas, Feria Internacional De Arte Latinoamericano, Miami, Florida

2011 Arteamericas, Feria Internacional De Arte Latinoamericano, Miami, Florida

2011 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2012 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2012 "Carlos Oviedo: Rojo Carmesi", Museo Metropolitano De Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, México

2012 "Carlos Oviedo y El Realismo", Museo De La Ciudad De Cuernavaca Morelos, México

2012 "Carlos Oviedo, Regreso al Origen", Museo Universitario Casa de los Muñecos, Puebla, Mexico

2013 Fia Caracas, Venezuela

2014 Shanghai Art Fair

2014 "Carlos Oviedo, Reach for the Stars", Galleria GUM, Miami, Florida

2014 "Carlos Oviedo, Icons", Jai Gallery, Orlando, Florida