Alexandre Monntoya

Roldanillo, 1974 -

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For me painting is a language, a way of expression, the immediate result of a constant internal search , a bustling world that speaks silently.

From the moment I started painting I have walked by several landscapes of color, at first I expressed with colorful typical tropical climate of my country, then plunged into the chaos of not knowing where to go, I went into the world of gray, and from that basis I have been shaping and warmth to the colors and shapes that showed today.

It is always my intention to paint to capture a moment naturally, sensual, sweet way, and that the observer identifies himself in sensation, memory and feeling to that moment.

On a personal concept I also seek the union of two energies, of the opposites, two forces, good and evil, light and darkness that entering into fellowship are balance, equilibrium, which leads to forms and spaces, thus allowing recreate the everyday of the beautiful moment. (By Alexandre Monntoya)

The self-taught artist, guests have found it difficult to believe how realistic his work appears - almost photographic in quality. Working with oil on canvas, in the predominantly silvery gray monotony, with occasional splashes of color, the works of Alex are vignettes of highly plausible moments, even romantic.

Showing a languid eroticism, mixed with an almost tangible innocence, the half nudity holding the spring to life as characters from the pages of a novel. (Source: Marbella revista de artes - mayo de 2007)


Main Solo Exhibitions


1999 "Alexandre Monntoya", Rio do Brasil, Cali, Colombia

2001 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Arte Creativo, Cali, Colombia

2001 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Arte Creativo, Barcelona, Spain

2003 "Alexandre Monntoya", Malaga Plaza, Malaga, Spain.

2004 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Pablo Ruiz, Malaga, Spain

2004 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Iris, Madrid, Spain

2005 "Alexandre Monntoya", DB British & International Fine Art, London

2006 "Alexandre Monntoya", DB British & International Fine Art, London

2009 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Iris, Madrid, Spain

2010 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Cartel, Malaga, Spain

2011 "Alexandre Monntoya", Galeria Divart, Mexico City

2011 "Alexandre Monntoya", Edgar Pozos Galeria, Cuernavaca, Mexico

2013 "Alexandre Monntoya", Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca, Cuernavaca, Mexico

2013 "Alexandre Monntoya", Woas World of art, Raleigh, North Carolina

2014 "Alexandre Monntoya", Alternative Art Space, Boston

2015 "Alexandre Monntoya: En el Tiempo, Exposicion Retrospectiva", Museo Palacio de Los Condes de Santa Ana, Lucena, Spain