Agustin Lazo

Mexico City, 1896 - Mexico City, 1971

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Excerpts about Agustin Lazo

The works of Agustin Lazo, whatever the medium chosen to perform them, are perfect, oils, inks, collages, drawings, or even some of his sketches for different scenography, perhaps unrealizable as scenography because its fantastic detail, the importance of reflection and light, or its meticulous costumes, especially when it comes to contemporary works, but its perfection does not hide, through the careful use of the methods of his craft, its deceptive appearance, malicious in his innocence many times, others simply unexplainable by the arbitrary nature of the figures and objects accumulated in small spaces provided by the creator. It is already known: behind the innocence you can hide the crime, but behind the mystery is only mystery. And the works of Agustin Lazo never tell us anything about what we can find some fault, like all works of art, are always innocent, however, are offered to the contemplation, enable contemplation and perhaps our look, which will be found on an object that is not natural, but that only makes possible that gaze, it is never innocent to look beyond natural objects. (Source: By Juan García Ponce "Agustín Lazo: El revés de la trama", at "Agustín Lazo", edited by Casa de Bolsa Cremi, Mexico 1988)

Agustin Lazo made several works in which this feature is always repeated: his immobility is a movement. In a drawing with a dramatic title of "premeditated suicide," the drama is humoristic: a young, strictly upright with her face fall down, has been released onto the street with the obvious intent to kill herself. However, if we examine this artwork inverted, looking not upside down but as if she was standing, nothing is as natural as her clothes and face, nothing is as beautiful and innocent as this figure that very soon, if it continues its movement will be disfigured on the pavement. However, some saviors expect her fall. They will prevent her suicide receiving her in a blanket. The title has a corrosive irony. Also the artwork. There everything is quiet. She never end to fall, his "premeditated suicide" becomes a joyous show without risk. (Source: By Juan García Ponce "Agustín Lazo: El revés de la trama", at "Agustín Lazo", edited by Casa de Bolsa Cremi, Mexico 1988)

This is another Lazo’s complex quality as an artist: always makes us feel, but we do not know what we are feeling, it's just a tightness or something as irrational as the laughter that inevitably causes the artwork “Premeditated suicide”. Maybe it could be said, "I wish life were as safe as that suicide", but the pictures of Agustín Lazo, very often, also give us the opposite feeling: something unexpected always hangs over life.(Source: By Juan García Ponce "Agustín Lazo: El revés de la trama", at "Agustín Lazo", edited by Casa de Bolsa Cremi, Mexico 1988)


Agustin Lazo Main Solo Exhibitions


1926 "Agustín Lazo", first exhibition in a building in Madero Av., Mexico City.

1927 "Agustín Lazo", Casa Cervantes, Mexico City

1932 "Agustín Lazo: 20 tintas de los años 1928-1932". Mexico City.

1932 "Bocetos para escenografía de Agustín Lazo", Galería Posada, Mexico City.

1971 "Homenaje a Agustín Lazo", Museo de Arte Moderno, Mexico City

1982 "Agustín Lazo, con motivo del Homenaje Nacional a los Contemporáneos", Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City

2009 "Agustín Lazo, Las Cenizas Quedan", Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, Sala de exposiciones temporales de la Coleccion Blaisten, Mexico City.