Andy Villarreal

San Antonio, Texas, 1954 -

Artist Statement

My background as a North American, a Texan and a Hispanic male forms my aesthetics. Personal experiences and trips to the East and West coasts, the Southwest, Mexico and Yucatan and Europe enrich the themes in my work. The Mexican culture is a major source of inspiration to me and has become more prominent in my work of the past fifteen years. The intensity of my work derives from my pride and feelings towards my culture. Indigenous cultures are also a driving force in my work. The Indigenous peoples of varying times and places interact in my work. My work crosses cultures, portrays the human condition, the struggles, the harmony, the social injustice, and the celebration of life. Ongoing themes in my work combine history, mythology, and religion, past and present, real and contrived. The details of life, sex, violence, and humor join to enrich scenes of both normal and unusual activities. My work emphasizes these intense social and cultural content as well as formal and contemporary aesthetic elements. My work includes various architectures of signs and symbols from ancient civilizations. Viewers are invited to share my cultural experiences and draw their own interpretations.



Villarreal’s subject is unabashedly pre-Hispanic Mexico interpreted with an expressionistic enthusiasm. Themes are presented with a contemporary flair -a contrasting color palette imbues images with their own life force. The large oil paintings are crazy with color, and patterns seem to multiply on their own. His distorted subjects are clearly described, but broken brushstrokes lick arbitrary colors within and without his figures, temples and animals. (Source: By Nancy Moyer, special to The Monitor, 2015)


Main Solo Exhibitions


1978 Corpus Christi Museum, Corpus Christi, Texas

1983 "Street People", Arizona State University- Harry Wood Art Gallery, Tempe, Arizona

1984 "Street People", Heritage Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1985 "Festive Cityscapes", Locus Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

1985 "Street People Series", Suzanne Brown Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona

1988 Joseph A. Cain Gallery- Del Mar College, Corpus Christi, Texas

1988 Instituto Cultural Mexicano, HemisFair Plaza, San Antonio, Texas

1989 Galeria de la Raza Graphics, San Fransisco, California

1990 "Current Works", Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas

1991 "Street People", Locus Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

1992 The Firehouse Gallery, Del Rio Council for Art, Del Rio, Texas

1992 "Hispanic Street People", Texas A&M University- University Activity Center Gallery, College Station, Texas

1994 "Harmony and Struggles", The Bath House Cultural Art Center, Dallas, Texas

1995 "Visual Dialogues of Time and Places", Galeria Sin Fronteras, Austin, Texas

1997 "New Art Works", Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas

1998 "Recent Works", Blue Star Arts Complex- Galeria Ortiz, San Antonio, Texas

2002 "New Works", University of Incarnate Word- Semmes Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

2004 "Recent Works", Gallery 100, St. Philip’s College- Watson’s Fine Arts Center, San Antonio, Texas

2009 "Roots of an Indigenous Culture", Centro Cultural Aztlan, San Antonio, Texas

2010 "Roots of the Mayan Culture", University of Incarnate Word- Semmes Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

2011 "La Tierra de los Jaguares", La Pena Gallery, Austin, Texas

2012 "The Land of the Jaguars", St. Mary’s University- Blume Academic Library, San Antonio, Texas

2014 "Land of the Jaguars", Gallista Gallery, San Antonio, Texas

2015 "Mayan Influences", Galeria 409, Brownsville, Texas

2015 "Mesoamerican Culture", Carver Community Cultural Center, San Antonio, Texas

2015 Indigenous Meso American Culture, South Texas College, McAllen, Texas

2015 The Yucatan: The Land of the Jaguars, Our Lady of the Lake University, Blue Room, San Antonio, Texas

2016 The Spirits of the Jaguars, Centro Cultural Aztlan, San Antonio, Texas

2016 Meso American Spiritual Images from the Yucatan, Brownsville Museum of Fine Art, Brownsville, Texas

2016 Latin American and Caribbean Forum College Conference, Hotel Tropicano, San Antonio, Texas

2016 Celebracion a la Cultura Antigua, Centro Matamorense para las Artes Visuales, Matamoros, Tamaulipas

2016 A Tribute to the Mayan Culture, Beyond Arts Gallery, Harlingen, Texas

2016 Dia de los Muertos Installation, University of Texas at San Antonio, Gallery 23, San Antonio, Texas

2017 Cultura Maya, Fiestas Mexicanas, Casa Mata Museo Matamoros, Tamaulipas

2017 Arte Maya de Yucatan, Instituto Matamorense para la Cultura y las Artes, Galeria Jaime Garza Salinas Matamoros, Tamaulipas

2017 Indigenous Meso American Culture, Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, Kerville, Texas

2017 Six Texas Artists, Eight Summer Days, One Cool Museum, McNay Museum, San Antonio, Texas